Audio Plus Profile
Audio Plus is designing, assembling, and distributing audio products. Our in house brands are Crescendo and Harmonic Harmony which are well accepted in Indonesia and now exported to several countries. We also distributes several respected brands for Indonesia market: Genesis, Micro Precision, Xstatic Batcap, Audiomatica Clio, and the new coming in 2013 is Audiowave.
Audio Plus Mission
We deliver products of maximum value for money
along with superior technical support
to gain unsurpassed brand image
which lead to growing sales volume,
bring prosperity to all distribution channel,
and total satisfaction to end user.
Audio Plus Values
1. Passion for high quality music reproduction.
2. Continuous product development.
3. Innovative products with maximum value for money.
4. Strict quality control.
5. Strict to commitment and enthusiastic team.
6. Excellent technical knowledge.
7. Excellent installation & tuning skill.
8. Technical support to all distribution channel.
9. Training centre.
10. Total solution service.
11. Learning company.

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