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    From the beginning, CRESCENDO is designed as ‘car audio product’ and not the extension of home audio or professional product. There are many criteria that set car audio apart from the rest, some of them are: listening distance (that corresponds to near field), size (that corresponds to flexibility), placement (that corresponds to off axis frequency response), and weather (that corresponds to durability).
    CRESCENDO design philosophy is clearly stated in our tagline: The True Quality.  We emphasize at the following qualities:
    • Innovative and original designnot a copy of other brands or modification of the existing OEM products.
    • Sound quality loudlifelike sound for all kind of music from classical to rock.
    • Built qualityruggedness of all products.
    • Reliability – each product is individually numbered and quality controlled one by one to the highest standard possible.
    • Cosmetic – love from the first impression.
    • Durability – extra endurance to direct sunlight and splash of rain.
    Extensions of those qualities are our efficient production and marketing activities, in that way we can provide maximum value for money.
    CRESCENDO is famous in Sound Quality Competition, not only in Indonesia but also in Australia. We were crowned as Australian Champion 2009 in Intermediate Class. You can view the result, the competition car, and the event at our website www.audioplusonline.com.
    If you love music and look for product with exceptional value for money, you will finally discover that Crescendo is the right choice. 
    Music maybe art and audio maybe engineering but sometimes, if we are very lucky, the combination could be magic. Rush to CRESCENDO dealers; we suspect magic happens around them a lot…
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